Friday, 4 December 2015

Review of 360 Degree Security Lite App

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This article is about new android app which is 360 degree security lite. This app is intended to help peoples with low ram size ie  for devices less than 1 GB ram. This app comes with variety of inbuilt functions like free antivirus , free task cleaner and free storage optimizer. This app is doing the task of 3 different apps isn't it cool. This app also tries to reduce space on your phone and is of only 3.84 MB. So if you have 1 battery optimizer of 10 MB , 1 antivirus of 15 MB , 1 ram booster of 5 MB and 1 cache and junk file cleaner of 10 MB , then you need to manage 4 different apps and need 40 MB of space in your internal memory. You know each app generally needs 10 to 25 MB of ram to work, and for 4 different apps you need 80 to 100 MB ram to use these apps. Now come to 360 security lite antivirus , it is of 3.84 MB , uses your ram lightly, saves you data cost of updating 4 different apps, saves your internal space , saves your time of managing 4 different apps , do work of 4 apps from single and light weight app. Isn't it a revolution in low end smartphones? So just download the app and let 360 mobile security do the work for you.

Features of 360 degree security lite app

1. Antivirus

  Antivirus for your smartphone is necessary for optimal performance and yo secure your personal data from malware apps. The good thing of this app is that it is lite weight and search for viruses is very fast. It also searches for any type of system holes in your smartphone.

2. Cleanup utility

In android smartphone , after using phone for 1 or more months , you will saw cache and other junk files are using your internal memory. This cleanup utility removes these type of junk files and make your system faster.

3. Ram booster

For ram size less than 1 GB , you will need ram booster because your phone will become slow because of low ram size. This ram booster closes apps and makes your ram free and system faster.

4. Notification toggle

This is used for shortcuts as seen in below screenshot.
If you like the review then please download the app and also give your feedback on the app..

Check out this video about mobile security.



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