Friday, 20 November 2015

How smartphone tech is helping the youth of the nation evolve.

 A Nation becomes great if it has quality education for their youth and it provide right environment to nurture their talent . If peoples of the nation are literate and talented then the nation will develop in short span of time .

   As we are in digital era and largely supporting Prime Minister Modi's digital India campaign , we need to know about latest digital tech that will help India become fully digitized . One of the common Gadget popular among today's youth is Smartphone that replace traditional Mobiles and Personal Computer . 

  In countries like ours quality education may not be available  in rural areas and even villages nearby to our 'Metro' cities . Here comes the true use of Internet which is rapidly growing in the entire earth , where people can learn  anything with e-books and video lectures from different teachers and authors online right from their smartphones . They have freedom to ask thousands of questions many times on online education forums/communities like .

 To use Internet, broadband connections with our fixed line were preferred earlier, but with evolution of wireless technologies like high speed internet with 4G, we can access anything on the go .This, coupled with smartphones with the capabilities of high computing speed (with octacore processors), perfect Android OS, big screens, WiFi, etc, makes smartphones with 4G more popular among young generation. Now everybody can go online and chat with others , can watch movies and videos or attend online classes , can run various social campaigns like spreading awareness about health diseases and their treatments .   

Features of smartphones that makes them faster growing technology 

  1.  High computing speed with octacore processors .
  2. High resolution screens with crystal clear display
  3. High connectivity with 4g up to 1 Gigabits per second .
  4. Voice/video calls without noise or interference of any kind .
  5. Cheaper and multi purpose technology
  6.  Videoconferencing is difficult on 3G and work better on 4G.
  7. Multiplayer and multi-touch Games with high graphics can be played on mobiles .
  8.  High definition Camera for Photography.
  9. OTG Support for connecting Pen-drives/USB sticks.
  10. GPS for location tracking .
  11. Hotspot gives freedom of sharing internet to other smartphone users .  

Smartphones and internet Together helps the nation evolve 

In India where corruption very high can slow down with smartphones . If anywhere a person found a government official is taking bribe one can record that with their smartphone and can make viral over social networking sites . Smartphones also known to help in minimizing eve teasing in many parts of India. You can be on the top of a mountain and from that place you can run a Campaign about digital India , career opportunity in India and abroad or you can do your office work and meetings . You can share photos in 1 click with NFC . Smartphones are also known to increase general knowledge of peoples everyday as one can read current news on his/her smartphone .

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  1. Nice Article, we need to know about latest digital tech that will help India become fully digitized

    1. Thanks , the latest technology is high speed 4g internet which are forcing everyone to be digitized

  2. Which Smart Phone you Use ,smartphone and can make viral over social networking sites.

    1. Iam using moto e 4g but planning to purchase Micromax Canvas Nitro 4G

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