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How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google and Bing

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Learn to Create Sitemap without robot.txt file or Without any Sitemap Generator Tool .

First of all , its important to what a sitemap file is . It is a XML file which contains all use URLs of your entire website or blog in a list . This list is used by search engines like Google , Bing , Yahoo to add your website's links in their databases . This XML page helps web crawlers in discovering your site's webpages . This sitemap is necessary to add in popular search engines because sometimes web crawlers or search bots are unable to find all of your links and hence you will not get enough traffic from them . To overcome this situation we need a perfect sitemap to be submitted in webmasters tools. There is no need for blogger sitemap generator tools because blogger now have its own sitemap file .

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add blogger sitemap to google and bing
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The Problem with Blogger Sitemap Files

In recent years , bloggers don't have its own sitemap . That time blogspot bloggers used to provide atom based sitemaps . A complete sitemap file should consists of all the valid URLs of your hosted blogger's blog but this is not the case. The problem consists with atom based sitemaps is that your blog have only 26 most recent blog posts in atom.xml file . To maximize it to full blog URLs you need to add some queries which increases your sitemap length to 500 URLs . The code for atom based XML file is

However , blogger now have a default sitemap file which contains all the URLs without any limitation , so why we need to put sitemaps every time we publish 500 post ? Now create your own sitemap only for 1 time .

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

  1. To add blogger sitemap in new way , you have to follow below steps carefully .
  2. Go to Google Webmasters Tools and log in to your account .
  3. Select your blog in which you want to add sitemap file .
  4. Head over to sitemaps section from the menu .
  5. Now at the top of sitemap page you will see Add/Test sitemap button .
  6. Now click on that button to test your sitemap file . After you click you will find a small textbox will open .
  7. Put this code in it  " sitemap.xml " (without quotes )
  8. Now press test button and find that there are no errors in it .
  9. After that again open that textbox and put sitemap.xml and click on submit .
  10. Press refresh button to see submitted URLs .
  11. Now your sitemap file is submitted and within few hours your blog will fully listed in Google .

If you want to check blogger sitemap page just put sitemap.xml after your root domain .
Example : or
This is your blogger sitemap URL which contains all the URLs of your blog .

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing Webmaster & Yahoo search

Before , starting this sitemap tutorial , we want to let you know that now yahoo uses database of Microsoft Bing so , if you get listed in Bing's database then you will also present in yahoo search automatically .
  1. Go to Bing webmaster tools and create an account .
  2. Now log in to your account and go to Add a site page .
  3. Add the URL of your website and your sitemap URL in respective textboxes and then click on  submit it .
  4. The sitemap URL will look like
  5. Now you need to verify your blog by adding meta tag in your blog's header .
  6. Copy your meta tag for verification purposes .
  7. Now login to your blogger account and then head over to Template section .
  8. Now click on edit HTML and place your meta tag just above </head > tag in to your template .
  9. Now save your template .
  10. Now go back to Bing webmaster's tools and on verification page click on verify button .
Now its time to wait for your search traffic .

How to Create HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger .

By default the HTML sitemap page is created by blogger and you can find it by opening or .
If you find any problem in this tutorial please feel free to ask any question below .

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  1. I agree that going to Bing webmaster and create an account is a great way to tract what your site is doing.



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