Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Purchase Condoms Online in India

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In India , Sex is one of the common words for which peoples generally feels shy while uttering in public. It becomes the word "Voldemort" of Harry Potter Movie which never used to be uttered. People generally tells the shopkeeper " bhai wo dena , kala wala " or " extra wala .
If This is common thing then how do you imagine someone who is so shy would buy necessary stuffs which are necessary in sexual activities . Buying Condoms in other countries is normal thing but in India peoples usually Stares at the person purchasing condoms. Sometimes your Family members could come to Medical store and found you purchasing these rubbers. The fear of Family and Relatives makes Indians shy and that is the reason why some peoples mostly teenagers did sex without condoms and have babies in teen ages .
So if you are one of those peoples who Feels Shy purchasing Condoms from local stores then you are at right place . In India our Peoples can purchase stuffs online like Condoms . one of the Best online Condom Seller is Condom Bazaar . At CondomBazaar.com you can purchase various condoms from popular Indian and International Brands. Condom Bazaar helping Indians since 2009 , so its not a new Company And you can easily Trust The quality of shipped products. You can track your orders from their website . You Can order Condoms Privately because your Order is discreetly shipped in a plain unmarked cover with the address of Their Healthcare Company. No one will come to know what you have purchased . The Payment is made through credit/debit card using highly secured payment gateway . In your Bank Statement The Word Condom will never be used so maximizing your privacy .

Some interesting Facts about condoms by CondomBazaar.com

On of the survey report of Nielsen tells that Indian Condom market is valued at Rs 860 crores in year 2013-2014 .
  • The per capita consumption of condoms in India is 0.5 which is very low if you compare it with the European average, which is 3 to 4.  Logically the per capita consumption of Indians should be higher because India have huge number of young Brigades . This due to the shy nature of Indians and lack of knowledge about Condoms and diseases spread  while having sex .
  • Premium Condoms known for giving warm sensation are available at condom bazaar .
  •  Condoms for Females are also available with wide variety of products at Condom Bazaar .
  • There are variants like dotted, ribbed, ultra thin, double lubricated, ultra thin, extra smooth etc., available across all leading brands of condoms sold in India.
  • Durex Condoms,  Kamasutra condoms, Manforce condoms,  Skore condoms, Moods condoms,  Kohinoor condoms are available at condombazaar.com .

Condom Bazaar advantages

  • Your order is shipped in a discreet unmarked package.
  • 'From address' will have the name of our healthcare company .
  • Nowhere it will say what you have purchased.
  • Your order will be billed using our corporate name.
  • Your credit card statement will not mention the word 'condom' .
  • Your privacy is our policyTM

Some more facts

About 40% of all condoms which are sold over the counter are purchased by women.
  In World War 2 soldiers used condoms to cover their rifle barrels in order to prevent salt water from getting inside their rifles

Authors review 

Condom Bazaar have innovative ideas to sell condoms online . It helps shy peoples in purchasing Condoms from wide variety of Condoms . Which is not possible at local Store. We can also maintain our Privacy about use of condoms as the condoms are packed in a way that other cannot judge what is inside it . Special Thanks to Condom Bazaar for running this hassle free online condom buying site in India .


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