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What is PageRank and how to increase it

PageRank is one of the known factor of google for ranking websites in search result pages. A higher PageRank website have higher chances of getting high search engine rankings. That's why everyone tries to improve his/her rankings. Today we will learn about increasing PageRank of a new website .

What is PageRank ?

PageRank is a ranking factor used by google to rank different websites in search results page. The PageRank is calculated with an algorithm given by Lawrence page which we will discuss in next section. PageRank also tells how important a website is . It defines actual trustworthiness of a website.

how PageRank is calculated

PageRank is calculated with a algorithm given by Lawrence page .
PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + ... + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))
Where , pr(a) is actual PageRank of website A ,
D is damping factor and lies between 0 and 1 ,
Pr(t1) is no. Of inbound link of linking website and c(t1) is no of outbound links of that website .
This means PageRank is totally dependent on backlinks to a website and hence we can increase it wisely with few steps that we will discuss below .
If you want more details on PageRank formula you can see this link http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank
How to increase PageRank of a website
As we already discuss that PageRank is dependent on backlinks to a website hence to increase it we have to increase no. Of inbound links of that website .

1. Submit site to Web And Article Directories

Article directories and web directories are good way of getting high PageRank and quality backlinks from of cost. However you have to wait for many days to get approved and listed on their directory. Below are some reputed sites that accept articles and links of your sites.
Google directory
Yahoo Directory
Scrub the web
Best Of The Web
Add url
Ezine Articles
Article Base
Go Articles

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2. Provide High Quality Contents to your reader .

This is the ultimate way of generating quality backlinks in natural way. If you provide quality articles then other will link to your site and you will get backlinks. This can give you low quality backlinks as well because you have no control on this type of links. But don't worry natural links always help you and will not harm your site's rank.

3 . Link Exchange .

Link exchange is great way wo generating two way links , means two pages or sites are linking each other. Most of the webmasters contact other webmasters to exchange link to increase their backlinks count. However you should use this method in limited way .

4. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are link sharing sites or you can say article sharing sites . These type of sites helps users to share their links and get traffic as well to their sites. There are many sites like Reddit , StumbleUpon , dig  etc to give you free backlinks.
Please note some sites are dofollow social bookmarking sites and others are no follow bookmarking sites.

5. Blog commenting .

The very easy,old and affective way of link building . This type of link building gives faster results because comment links are easy to get . That's why doing it in excess can increase your backlinks count in short span of time and can damage your rankings seriously . I have a blog post on instant approval blog commenting sites which gives you list of sites that approve comments very fast .

6. Build strong internal linking.

Strong internal linking is always better that building inbound links . This type of link building gives guaranteed results and also provides power to your contents . Power here means it pass link juice to your internal contents.

7. Comment on forums .

Just like blog commenting , you can also comment your links on forums but forum commenting will help you only if they are of high PageRank. So before start commenting on forums just get their PageRank details and start your link building. For Indian visitors I have 100 Indian forums for building links.

8. Guest posting .

Guest posting is another great way of building backlinks , . Guest posting means posting your articles on other's blog and in return you will get backlinks as well as website traffic . Guest posting is affective only if you publish guest post on high PageRank websites .

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9. Backlinks from profile linking sites.

  Profile linking sites are sites that have option to add website in profile of a user. You have to create an account on these sites and then you can add your website in homepages or website section .

10. Backlinks from classified sites

Classified sites are online websites that gives you the ability of posting ads about your brand or your website. You can start posting ads on free Indian classified sites to offer your services .


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