Saturday, 7 March 2015

Top 5 free online plagiarism checker tools

Bloggers write their articles with both research and hardwork but some lazy peoples are always there to copy contents because of their greed for money . Thats why most of blogger and website owners use dmca protection to secure their contents but still they didn't know who copied their content and that's the reason why their hard work and research gone waste . Today with the help of this post , I will provide you 10 online plagiarism checker tools and softwares that are widely used by website/blog owners from all over the world. These tools and softwares uses google and bing to find duplicate contents because google and bing have largest database from other search engines. Use below softwares that are freely downloadable and get plagiarism percentage as well.

1. Turnitin

  Turnitin provides one place for all type of users .FOR STUDENTS WriteCheck is available ,
Turnitin For Admissions is available and. FOR EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES is available. Turnitin is ranked 1 plagiarism checker tool for every type of user . A student can check more than 30 billion pages with 350 + million papers and 112000+ publications . It have largest database to check plagiarism contents .

2. Plagium

  Plagium Simple and reliable tool that can search over web , news and social networks with up to 25,000 characters maximum. You can check URLs in a single click with free of cost . If you want deep search you have to become a member of this site . Paid users can upload files to check duplicate and copied contents . 

3. Dupli Checker

  The best ever free duplicate content checker available on net. You can check maximum of 1500 words in one time and can upload a text document or a file to simply check plagiarism contents . Just copy your content and paste it on search box or just upload your files and hit search and within few seconds you will get detailed data about copied contents.

4. Anti-Plagiarism

  Anti-Plagiarism is a online seo tool that is specially design to detect duplicate/copied contents and help in preventing plagiarism . It is a versatile tool which is run by pasting text to check on other content on  internet. This software can check documents like .rtf,.doc,.pdf and .docx for free .

5.  PaperRater

 It is a plagiarism checker tool that gives 3 type of detections like grammar checking, plagiarism detection and writing suggestions .
You need to  just copy and paste your contents( essay, article or other texts ) in the box and hit enter to get detailed description about your text's originality .

6.  PlagTracker

  Plag tracker is online tool that gives you plagiarism checker services Joe it check for same and similar both type of text available over internet. This tool will help you in finding that your who has your contents.
It scan all indexed webpages over internet that's why their results are 99% accurate . After successful scanning process you will get a auto generated report and then you will get your plagiarism contents details.

7. Viper

  Viper , the fast and effective tool that deals with detecting plagiarism contents over a network of 10 billion resources . This software is free to use and download it if you need your own free software .

8. is one of my favourite tool that I use online to check duplicate contents. It helps me in checking that who copies my original content and helps me in removing them . You have to put a url and then copyscape will return 10 results where your contents are available .

9. Plagiarism Checker

  This tool is used by teachers to know which student is copied content from where . A user will have to put a phrase in text box of plagiarism checker tool and then it will return all URLs that have same content available. This tool uses google and yahoo search results.

10. Plagiarismdetect

Plagiarismdetect is online plagiarism detector tool . You have to upload your text in plagiarismdetect and then their search engines will find duplicate contents and sources.
This tool also report similar contents , so that you can find that someone modified your content or not .



12. Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools



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