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Get Backlinks/traffic from Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and

Social bookmarking sites are great way of getting free and target traffic to your articles . Today I will share 4 social sites which gives you backlinks and quality traffic which is highly targeted and USA based . I already covered a " list of social bookmarking sites without registration " to get high PageRank backlinks .

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How to get backlinks from instagram

Instagram is one of the " top smo sites " that have huge monthly active visitors . Instagram have more than 100 million active users and 40 million daily photo uploads and each  pic gets 9000 likes and 1000 comments every seconds . Is these statistics are interesting , yes they are , because a small fraction of this traffic can boost our website traffic and we all know more web traffic means more online income . That's why every one , whether they have small business or a big one , all are using free traffic from instagram .
    In , this post , we are here to help you in getting backlinks from instagram , to get seo benefits for your website . First of all , you have to create an account for you or your business , (whichever is your preference ) . Now , download instagram app in your smartphone to share photos easily . Now optimize your brand images for instagram , set proper hashtag and image captions . Give a link to your website in every image . Now , after sharing your brand images you will get backlinks from instagram but only of no follow attributes. These no follow attributes backlinks will increase your social presence and search engines like google will give your site more weights on rankings . After that , if you want to increase this seo benefit , just optimize your instagram profile by getting huge followers , comments and likes . So , don't miss the opportunity of getting quality instagram backlinks if you want to grow your website and business online .

Get quality backlinks from reddit

Reddit being my favourite "social bookmarking site "  just because it gives me 99% search traffic from USA and we all know the true benefit of USA traffic . Reddit is on 25 position globally and ranked 10 in USA which is sufficient to tell how much traffic/visitors reddit have . In this article we will tell you how to get dofollow backlinks from reddit which gives you seo benefit and traffic both . Today I share one of my article on reddit for 3rd time in my history and I get 40 unique visitors in 3 seconds and 37 visitors are from USA and 1 from India and rest 2 from united kingdom. This single share gives me confidence to target USA visitors/traffic . Now you know how important reddit is for USA traffic but you know it is also important to give you seo benefits .

Reddit for seo benefits :

Reddit being best social network and link sharing site is very helpfull in increasing social signals of a website/blog . When a user share a link in reddit it becomes a nofollow link and get 1% of traffic . Now , the question is how to get dofollow link ? . Some of bloggers actually knows if their nofollow reddit link gets positive responses ( positive responses means upvotes in reddit ) it will converted in dofollow link and will available in front page of reddit for few time . You know a link on front page of reddit can get millions of pageviews in a day ? Yes this is true and you know a person who manage to get 1 million pageviews in a single day and his site destroyed because of server load , this phenomenon is popularly known as " Reddit Hug of Death " . So , if you have better bandwith then your server can manage these huge traffic otherwise your server will say " unable to connect or server is taking too much time to respond " but if you are on a blogspot platform than it is ok to have these traffic count .

Tips to get maximum reddit upvotes

1: In order to get upvotes you have to write quality content related to subreddit according to their quality guidelines .
2: try to post in only big subreddits because more no. Of users can give you more upvotes and pageviews to your site .
3: don't spam reddit because reddit can ban your site without giving you any reason .

Get dofollow backlinks from stumbleupon is on 245 position in world and 45th website in India ,. This site is great if you want both Indian and American traffic to your site . StumbleUpon gets 50% of his traffic from India and 15% from USA . In StumbleUpon you have to publish your articles and if other peoples find your articles interesting and unique , they will promote your article and you will start getting your StumbleUpon backlinks . You know a small post , without any seo can get more than 1000 visitors from stumbleupon within few minutes of sharing . Thats the only reason why every website /blog owner uses StumbleUpon to get initial pageviews to new articles. When you start sharing your articles and links in StumbleUpon , you start getting backlinks and traffic from that time and  you know at the same time search engines like google and bing uses those data to give you search indexing and better ranking. You know alexa backlinks of StumbleUpon are more than 493,155 which is sufficient to tell how important this website is for search engines and SEO optimizers .

Get huge and free  traffic as well as quality backlinks from Pinterest is ranked 16 in united states and 32 globally . These stat are sufficient to show that how much daily visitors pinterest have. We , as non profit bloggers , and without sponsors cannont purchase paid traffic and these type of sites becomes our only source of free traffic after google . Today , we will discuss how to get dofollow backlinks from pinterest that will help you in seo . You know sharing a link on pinterest is nofollow and still have high quality and to get do follow pinterest backlinks see below section of this article.

Dofollow pinterest backlinks .

Step 1. Login to
Step 2. Open your profile and pin it .
Step 3. Now just edit your profile and add your website link into link section . Then click on verify link . Now a popup window will open that will show you verification process.
Step 4. Complete the verification process and start getting dofollow backlinks instead of nofollow links .

Get backlinks from is 264 ranked in India and 1353 in world with PageRank of 9. Slashdot have very good backlink profile which is 48,021 alexa backlinks, 160,000 google backlinks , 26 subdomains. It have 39% of visitors from India and 35% from USA . I use for link submission because if moderator of found my article interesting , they will put it on front page of Slashdot and you can't believe 1 link on front page of Slashdot can give you 1 million pageviews in 1 day . I use Slashdot every time when I publish a new article and sometimes get over 10000 unique visitors daily . I am waiting for that day when my article goes on front page of .

To Get backlinks from you have to submit your link and an article about link. You can submit articles without registration also . But if you want Slashdot credits you have to create a account of Slashdot.


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    1. just check how many are online in a subreddit and then check other similar posts of your post .

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