Thursday, 11 June 2015

Get adsense account approved in easy steps

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Get adsense approval easily within a week of your new blog . .

What is adsense ??

It is a program run by google to earn money with publishers in partnership .
Google will give you opportunity to get 68% earnings from your websites and rest 32% will of google . .
In India google can issue cheques for their publishers .
Also for Indians , there is no deduction of tax for online earnings so you can skip this step .

How to sign up ?

You can sign up from google's adsense website easily .
There you will find a form for adsense account .
Fill that form and send complete application to google .
Within 3 days google will review your site and approve it if your site meets there conditions .
Otherwise they will reject your application .

What is there eligibility criteria ?

To get approved your site should meet their eligibility criteria which are :-
1: high and quality traffic .
2: site must be older than 6 months (only for India and China )
3: does not contain illegal contents like gambling , hacking , etc,.
4 : site must content original contents .
5: user must be of 18+ age .
So , how to get approved by google adsense easily ??

You have to work on some things of your website or blog which are 

1 : write quality contents means write valuable information not garbage or unnecessary information .
2 : write your own contents . . Google's bot will easily detect if you copy posts from other webpages and then it will automatically reject your request .
3 : your blog or site must contain more than 50+ posts .
4 : each post should contain a minimum of 400-500 words as adsense is highly based on keywords .
5 : dont create blank pages, because as soon as google's bot crawl your website and encounter a blank page  it will reject your request .
6 : dont write hacking or cracking or gambling or drug related contents .
Now after following these steps you can easily submit adsense application to get approved .
Note : :
After rejection of your 1st application dont resubmit it within a week .
First try to rectify errors from your sites then resubmitt it . . .
. . . . . . .  . . . .
These are some tricks you should know before trying to open an adsense account . .
Hope you will get your first adsense account easily with the help of  this post . . .


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