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Advance link building techniques/strategies/seo_tips/tutorials

 This article is written by AAMIT SINGH about everything related to link building , whether they are techniques or strategies or simply precautions taken while building links. In this article of about 3000 words ,  you will learn what is link building , how to prevent link spam and what is link spam (definition ) , importance of links in seo, link building tutorial , link building services,tools and softwares . If you are serious about link building you should read every point thoroughly because if link building can make your site it can also destroy your site .

link building definition : links are hypertext which connect 2 different locations of webpages,  either two sections of a single webpage or two different webpages over the internet . Link building is a part of seo , which helps in better search engine rankings. Link building particularly means creating links on other websites pointing towards your website . We focus mainly on link building just because this is one of the 200 factors of google algorithms that decide the rankings of specific website on search engine result page. Let me tell you some of factors google user " PageRank " , " domain age ", " keyword density " , " proper headings " , " images with alt tags" , backlink profile which is discussed here " , "comments " , "user's  response /behavior" etc . All of them have different weights in ranking websites .

Why Links Are Important

As we already said links are one of the important factor of Google's search algorithms , it become mandatory to optimize our site for better rankings in search results. Google have algorithm about backlinks which clearly tells about votes towards your site . Simply more votes means more popularity and more popularity means more quality , thats why websites with higher number of quality links are treated good by search engines . And for lesser link profile sites they are putted on 2nd or third page.
Example : suppose there are two persons A and B . A and B want to stand against each other in election . Now after elections B got more votes than A and ultimately B wins . Similarly backlinks are treated as votes and websites are treated as peoples/public and more voted sites got better search engine rankings.

Why Links Are Not All Equal

   In above passage , I tell you about votes but didn't tell you that all votes have different weight factor. In elections votes of normal peoples and celebrities are treated equally but for websites they all have different powers. Example : if there are two websites A and B , a got 2 links one from google and other from yahoo , both have PageRank of 9 and B got 100 links from 100 different sites of PageRank 1 then the winner will be A in search results . I hope you understand how important the quality of incoming links and not quantity .
  Another factor that tells all links are not equal are attributes of links . These attributes are dofollow and no follow . A follow link means give vote to target website and a nofollow link means not to give them value . Suppose we have 100 links from nofollow sites and 0 from dofollow site , then our posts will not perform good  in search results . Dofollow tells the spider/crawler to pass link juice and nofollow tells not to give that link value and treat it just like ordinary hypertext .
  Here is a guide on generating dofollow backlinks at cost of free .

  The last factor about inequality of links are anchor text . Anchor text are text that are used at place of hyperlinks (so only anchor text will displayed and link will not ) . If Anchor text have keywords which are present in your site then it will pass you seo benefits and if not then you will get some serious penalties from google . Example : a seo site with keywords like backlinks comment on other site as  "nice article admin "  "click here " this click here text will not going to give you any benefit but if you try better anchor text placement then you will get . Example : your article is good and knowledge , I have also a article describing same and is " learn complete seo without paying any fee". Check out "how anchor text is important for seo"  .  

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Prevent Spam Links

  You should always try to avoid link spams to get better search rankings and authority. If A page linking to you have very low page authority or it was banned by google in past then this type of link can also harm your site's overall growth .

What is link spam ?

   Link spam means getting various links from low quality sites or 100 or more links from a single page that have no value in it . Google simply avoid this type of link building and you can see decrease in your organic traffic . Sometimes you competitor also tries to give you more low quality backlinks from untrusted sources in order to decrease your search rankings and online business. So it become necessary to prevent link spam along with building links . This type of strategy is best known link building strategy.

Types of link spam :

  • Comment Spam

    These type of spams are particularly originated from comment sections of other websites. Newbies in field of seo always try to build backlinks very fast and that's why they start spamming others blog by commenting too frequent . These is very harmful if you didn't put appropriate anchor text and description in your comments. Example: most of people post like "good blog , keep posting bla bla bla. Website " . See they post a link in website to their website which is irrelevant to the comment posted by them . Also they post two many links in comments to get more backlinks but didn't know google is watching you just like god does. This type of link building can end your career before it gets start . So its better to prevent link spams by using google's disavow tool that will help you in removing bad links to your site .

  •  Article Marketing Spam

   Article marketing is good way of getting backlinks from good sites but it is outdated and will not help you in getting any seo benefit . Article marketing spam is done when people start posting their articles on article directories in excess and without knowing that these directories have very low PageRank and "domain authorities " . The result comes out with large no. Of backlinks having no value at all .
  • Blog Networks & Poorly Executed Guest Blogs

  A guest blogging is a technique in which a blogger publish his article on other's blog having high PageRank and authority to "get dofollow  backlinks" and seo benefits. Before the arrival of panda / penguin algorithms guest blogging was a best way of generating high quality backlinks but now it is clearly written in Wikipedia that it is against Google's webmaster guidelines and panda/penguin updates can ban your sites completely .

  •  Link Exchanges, Wheels, etc.

Link exchanges and wheels are exchange of links between two or more sites . When two website shares links the technique is known as reciprocal link building and when more than 2 person exchange links in circular shape it is known as wheels . Example : links from A-B-C-D-A these 4 sites  A,B,C,D are connected to each other in circular order .

  • Social Bookmarking & Sharing Sites

  These and thousands of social bookmarking sites available and some of them also gives dofollow links but they are of very low PageRank sites. Don't get backlinks from such sites and also limit your backlinks . If you want high quality sites please visit " list of high quality social bookmarking sites " . But be sure only create few links from social sites.

  • Forum Spam

   Forums are widely used to get backlinks in signature text . This method is good if you post only few comments on high quality forums but if you post too many comment than you are in danger. Google will detect you and can put panelty on your site . See " Indian forums sites to get backlinks"  .
  •  Profile Spam

  These are large number of websites that gives the ability to create profile pages. Profile pages are pages that describe about a user . Most people create these type of profiles and add their links in homepage section and leave them . These type of links from inactive accounts are very harmful in seo terms because every page have its different value irrespect of overall site's value . See "list of profile linking sites" .

Natural Links V Unnatural Links

Google loves natural links. Natural links are those which are generated by blog/website readers . This links are generated when a user found usefull stuff and share it on his her website/social network. And unnatural links are those which are created by website owners to get seo benefits . Unnatural links are easy to get but cannot guarantee long time success but natural links can do .

Link building techniques/strategies

Here I will not explain below topic in detail because , I have separate article on "best  link building tutorial "
  1.  Broken Link Building.
  2. Blog commenting .
  3. Forum posting .
  4. Guest blogging /posting
  5. Profile backlinks . 
  6. Directory submission .
  7. Reciprocal link building . 
  8. Auto backlinks generator and backlink pinglers .
  9. Social bookmarking sites . 
  10. Article marketing .

Link building service

link building services are those services which is offered by seo companies. You have to pay some fees to seo experts and then they will build links for you . You can also find top free link building services on google easily . If you opted for a link building package please be sure that all links are manually build and are one way links . You links should be seo friendly that is they are not auto generated and paid ones .

link building tools / software

Link building tools are automatic link generators that will create backlinks for you at just a single click. These are small softwares possibly written in JavaScript . These type of automatic tools can give you 20,000 links in less than 3 seconds. I have some tools on auto backlinks generator which will give you gov links , deep links , and 2500 ping links.

Should I Buy Links To Improve Google Rankings?

Buying links is also unnatural way of generating backlinks. You should buy links only if you have no choice or no easy way of generating back links . But keep in mind that this is against google 's quality guidelines . See google's guidelines here .
After reading above guidelines , if you still want to buy backlinks then follow some guidelines from our experts.
  1. Buy links directly from site owners instead of all in one packages .
  2. Buy single link instead of links in bulk . 
  3. Only buy links related to your niche (this increases quality of links ) . 
  4. Buy text links between content of website instead of sidebars and website footers . 
  5. Only Buy links from single pages instead of sitewide links. ( sidewide links are those which are present in every page of website example links in headers ) .

Seo tip: use varying  Anchor Text While  Building backLinks

   Proper anchor tag is key to success in seo industry . Example of Proper anchor tags are
1. If your site is about seo then tags should relevant to your site's keywords
Seo , smo, backlinks , optimization, links, etc for our site .
2. If you have blog on technology then your site keywords should be like
Technology, gadgets , mobile , and brand names etc .
3. If you have food blog then keywords should be related to food items , like , dishes, dinner, recipe etc .
   But instead of proper anchor tag some users pick a keyword from their niche and start building links . Example , a seo blogger start building links and user seo in every anchor tag , results comes and he got 99 backlinks and all of them have seo as anchor tag , and 1 link with different tag. See the stats of above link profile , one can clearly tell that this backlink profile is created by a single person and hence it is unnatural links . Similarly if your anchor tag have no variations then google will probably understand that you are doing seo practice to improve site rankings. So , try always different anchor tag in your every backlinks but use keywords from your niche only.


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