Thursday, 5 February 2015

Tutorial : how to remove powered by blogger

I have found 2 ways of removing " powered by blogger" from your blog . When we start a blog with subdomain it is ok to have this attribution but as soon as we buy a custom domain , we start finding tricks for removing this blogger's attribution and wants to add our one . In this article I have 2 methods 1st is easy method and just user css style to stop showing powered by blogger attribution in your footer of blog . And 2nd one is hard method and will remove blogger's attribution permanently from bottom of your blog .

Method 1 : easy one with css style

remove powered by blogger attribution widget
Step 1: log in to your blogger's account and then open your blog's dashboard .
Step 2: click on "Template" then "Edit HTML"
Step 3:  you will see html code of your template now Click in that code
and press the " CTRL + F"  to find search string .
Step 4: type </head> in search box  , this is closing tag of your html template .
Step 5: now copy below HTML code and paste it just above </html> tag.
#Attribution1 {
Step 6: save this modified template and see your modified blog without powered by blogger attribution .

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Method 2 : unlock method

Step 1: login to your dashboard and head over to template > edit html .
Step 2 : open your template and press ctrl + F to find search string for this line
<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
Step 3: Now after finding above lines just replace  locked=’ true’ in to
locked=’ false ’ . And then click on save template .
Step 4: now select layout and find attribution gadget and click on edit button .
Step 5: you will see a new window open now click on remove button to successfully remove powered by Blogger attribution
Step 6: open your blog in new window and see the working of this method.
Note : removing blogger's attribution is not necessary and it is still not clear that this is under blogger's terms or not . Blogger is giving us free website space for our blog that's why we have to return favour with blogger's attribution. We all know that WordPress blogs have always proudly powered by attribution and none of them are willing to remove this attribution.
Thanks , enjoy with your custom attribution .


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