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Importance of domain age and tools for checking domain age

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domain age checking and importance
 Want to start a new business with old domains to get seo benefits , ranks, and traffic ? Then you can get idea about buying old domains after reading this post . If you want to find aged domains or check domains ages , you can go to last section of this page and get 7 top website for checking bulk/single domain age . These website will tell your age along with expiry of your domain . Before writing this post , I was searching for domain age checker script , so that I can install it on my website but still I didn't find any spript for it . If you have java/PHP script of finding domain age you can comment below with your website link.

Is Domain Age Important SEO factor for Google search Rankings?

In part few years , people used to believe that domain age is one of the 200 factors of google's search algorithms . It is not clear whether domain age is important in terms of seo or its just a number for knowing how old your website is . Matt Cutts , google's engineer already told about domain age. But before showing his lecture on domain age , I want to show some logic about domain age .
We all know that , search engines loves backlink profile and quality and gives better ranking to higher linked contents . That's why old domains gets good search engine ranking as compared to newly launched domains . So if you want to use domain age for seo, and traffic , you can purchase old domains having quality and natural link profile . This is the reason why peoples think that this is one of the factor for search ranking but Matt Cutts clearly stated that , domain age could be a factor for a newly launched website but after 3-4 months , this factor have no significance . Sites having domain age of 6 months can easily compete with 12 month old . Its only depend on quality and quantity of contents along with good natural backlinks profile . Old domain gets trust from google just because of good natural links . Matt Cutts also stated that , if your contents are good and are of high quantity , then more people will like and more people will share and link to it , this helps google in finding quality contents and hence google gives that content better search engine rankings. So , please focus on quality of contents with 500+ word density and good selection of keyword density . You can check your keyword density with free keyword density checker tools .

Possible practice of  Past Negative SEO by site owners

You know , that old domain have larger link profile but do you know how the domain get that backlinks profile ? Whether , owner of previous domain use tools for generating automatically backlinks . This could be the reason why you should start with fresh domains because their is no way of checking that link profile is natural or unnatural . And do you know , having 10 quality backlinks are powerful that 10000 low quality backlinks ? And google is strict about increasing backlinks with doing black hat seo techniques ? .
The above 2 question arise when you tried to buy a old domain , because google always filter their indexes and block some sites doing bad seo for their sites . If you still want to purchase old domains you can use below tools/ websites to find how old is your searched domain .

7 website tools tools which gives accurate website domain age

2. Domain age checker tool -
7. Domain (paid)

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