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Best cpm ad network for publishers 2015


Cpm ads are good for both low traffic site and high traffic website , because it totally depends on impressions i.e number of times a ad is displayed . You will get money for every impression of your ad if it under cpi (cost per impression) or you will get money in every 1000 impressions if it is under cpm(cost per mille). It is best ad network type for small bloggers because small bloggers gets very low traffic and generates very low earnings as a cpc publishers. Bloggers from India also get benefit of cpm  because Indian traffic have very low cpc as compared to united state's  and Canada's traffic . Today in this post I will give you brief review of best cpm ad network companies and will help you in selecting your best ad company .

How much you will earn ? 

Best cpm ad network usaSuppose cpm for a particular ad is 5$ then for every 1000 views you will get 5$ . So , if you are getting 5000 pageviews per day you can earn upto 25$ easily . Actual figure may be different because methods of increasing pageviews like refreshing pages will not count as impressions. And cpm is sometimes high and sometime low .

1. TribalFusion

TribalFusion is ranked 1 ad network because it is high paying cpm ad company and for bloggers who are generating 500k pageviews are eligible to participate in this network.
They need quality of contents and only good sites are accepted by their network . The minimum payout is  $50 Via Check or PayPal .

2. ValueClick Media

It is best known ad network for both cpm and cpc ads . It is best suited for low traffic sites because the the minimum requirement for a account is 3000 pageviews per day . The good thing is that they have revenue share of 65%  and minimum payout amount is low as $25 through
check, PayPal or Direct Deposit.

3. Casale Media 

This network is also best for low traffic sites because monthly pageviews requirement is 50000 only . No minimum amount for payment and payment frequency is monthly.
Payment are done through PayPal, Check . Casale Media  gives 70% of revenue shares to publishers.

4. AdPepper

It is good ad network for cpm and provides a good platform for real time monitoring of your ad servings and earnings for better optimization. They can accept you only and only if you are getting above 50000 pageviews per month . The revenue share is 70% which is also good for low traffic sites . You can get your payouts throupg cheque and PayPal.

5. Epom

It requires 500000 pageviews per month which is very high but if you have this figure you can monetize your traffic in good amount . They have cpm ranging from 0.5 $ to 3.5$ which is good amount . They accept payments only once in a month above 100$ throug cheque or PayPal .

6. InfoLinks Ads

 Infolinks is different from above networks because it only serve text link based ads and if you are a blogger then its very good to signup for this site . Account approval is very easy only few sites got disapproval . Minimum payout is   $50 via PayPal
or wire transfer .


 this site needs huge traffic and you will get your account only if you have descent amount of traffic . It support monthly payment through cheque and have minimum payout of 25$ only . They are business partners of AOL networks .


Getting a account from is hard as getting adsense account . Your site should have 50000 monthly visitors and your contents should be copyrighted and original. The minimum payout is 20$ and can pay you through PayPal and cheque Bank Wire.
Note : your site should not have adult contents in order to get approval .

9. Burst Media

It is one of the highest paying ad network in cpm industry . The good thing is that you can get account if you are getting atleast 5000 unique visitors per month . As a publisher you can get revenue share of 70% which is also very high . You can get your monthly payment only if you have more than 50$ through Check, PayPal or Electronic fund transfer .

10. ContextWeb (PulsePoint) 

They don't require any minimum requirement for joining their network . Publishers can get their payments after a minimum amount of $50 through PayPal and cheque . They provide good cpm rates and works like google adsense .

11. Gunggo

The good thing of is that they provide popup ads based on cpm network . They provide high cpm rates and good choice for low traffic websites . They are partnered with many advertising companies that's why they are providing 100% fill rates with high cpm rates . The minimum monthly payout is 50$ through  Check, PayPal,  WireTransfer .

12. eDomz

It is growing cpm ad network industry and it set a good place in this industry . It has a great cpm rate of 4$ which is very high in this network . There is no minimum requirement of daily pageviews but you have to submit application to get approved . The good thing is it have very minimum payout of $5 through PayPal .

13. Technorati Media

Technorati also support high paying cpm ads and become one of best cpm network in part few months .
The approval for an account is not easy , they will check your alexa rank and daily traffic and quality content .
When you got your approval you can get payout only above 50$ through cheque and PayPal. The revenue share is good of 70% per ad.

14. AdCash

It is one of the fastest growing cpm ad network because they don't require minimum traffic to get approval . They have very rich user interface and good platform for tracking earnings just like google adsense dashboard . The minimum payout is £ 100 through Bank wire, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill
or Webmoney.

15. Pop Cash

Pop cash is right place for new websites and blogs because everyone can get account for free .
There is minimum payout limit of  10 and you can get them through PayPal , paxum and payza
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Method: PayPal, Paxum or Payza.

16. is good for low traffic sites because everyone can get a account for ad publishing . Their cpm is average . You can get minimum of 1$ through PayPal and payoneer

17. Lijit

Lijit have both text and image ads and paying high cpm rates that's why it is becoming popular . They gives full support to its customers . The minimum requirement for account approval is not clearly defined . Once you got your approval you can earn money and get payment after 25$ through PayPal and cheque .

18. Conversant

Conversant former valueclick is another good cpm network which is giving very high competition to its competitors . They are increasing their publishers by accepting low traffic of 3000 pageviews per month .
A publishers can get payment once in a month of minimum 25$ through PayPal and cheque .

19. Adtegrity

It is one of the oldest ecpm advertising company but it looses its ranking in few months . They only accept publishers having 500000 visitors per month and display video ads and mobile ads . Publishers can redeem through PayPal and cheque after a minimum of 25$.

Happy earnings friends , lets have talk in comments .


  1. Nowadays people are searching for alternatives of adsense. This is a nice post and i think that these networks are best for bloggers.
    In my opinion Tribal Fusion is better than adsense. It may be wrong but i think that this is.
    Now i am going to use one of this network on this blog of mine.
    Here is This

    See what will happen :)

    1. Best article ever
      I got rejected for adsense 5 times
      Then i lost hope of earning moneg from my blog
      Thanks a lot for this post
      Going to implement all..

    2. i am using now, it is provides good CPM rates and also its rate’s are very high

  2. Does tribal fusion approve those websites which post pirated stuff like softwares downloads for my website

    please reply i am waiting

  3. Awesome information.
    I just posted 4 alternatives and you brought many.
    Add adhitz also in this list.

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  7. thanks for the information if add these adnetwork in my blog. My blog get penalty? or it affect my rank? this my blog

  8. Got deactivated with over 2700 in account cpc cpm is all a big scam they make the big bucks of false ads stay away

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  10. My website ( having. 3 lac Pageviews per months, what are ad accounts are good and genuine to publish, Please suggest

    1. One of the best networks is They have good CPM and very easy to use

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