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The Importance and Power of Backlinks in seo

    After writing many posts on backlinks, iam writing this complete reference for backlinks . This guide will help you in understanding what are the backlinks and how to use them to drive high quality traffic to your site .
This post mainly focus on everything related to backlinks . Use the links provided in this post to gain maximum knowledge from us .

What are backlinks and  why are they important?

    Backlinks are incoming links to a website , web page or a blog . In other words , backlinks are links pointing to your site( webpage , website,,!,blog , directory or a tld )  from other site . Backlinks are also known as inbound links ,in-links, incoming links and inward links .
Let us take an example to understand what are backlinks actually , suppose A and B are two websites , and B write a post on his website and post a link of A's website in his post . Now A will have a backlink from B's website .
   Incoming links were important before the arrival of search engines for web navigation. But today , with the presence of search engines , their
significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The no. Of backlinks one have , the more popular he will on the internet . For example , Google also uses this factor to determine PageRank of a webpage .

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Search engine rankings

  you know why Barack Obama , is popular ? Because he is president of America . And why he become president of America ? Because of votes given by Americans . Similarly , in terms of search engine rankings , a backlink counts as a vote for your site , the more you will have , the higher you will rank in searches . This algorithm is used by search engines because they think that if many peoples pointing to one people then that people will have something valuable . So , they increase ranks higher for sites having more quality backlinks . But there are two types of backlinks on which search engine decide to rank a site .

Types of backlinks : do follow and no follow and how do they work

   the two major type of backlinks differs only in terms of link juice . The do follow attribute backlink tells the search engine to give a vote to the pointing site while in case of no follow attribute backlink , the no follow attribute tells the search engines not to count their vote , hence give no link juice to pointing site . But still new webmasters are confused about no follow and do follow backlinks . Let us discuss them in detail.

Do follow backlinks and how do i use them

    Do follow link passes the link juice to targeted site and help the targeted site to gain high rank in search engines .
Example of Dofollow Link:
<a href= ”http://”>droidkeda</
    This link will tell search engines to follow and give it a vote and hence pass the link juice . This is the only reason why all SEO peoples build do follow backlinks . Backlinks from high PageRank will pass high quality link juice and will sharply increase your overall ranking . But remember to get all type PageRank's backlinks because if you have only one type of backlinks say PR 9 and no other then search engine think that you probably buy that link as no other site is linking to your site . Hence it will waste if you got backlinks of few type .
    So , its important that while doing search engine optimization , you should focus on do follow backlinks from different pageranks .
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No follow backlinks

    Links with no follow attribute tells the search engines not to pass link juice and not to follow that link . So , whenever a google bot crawl a no follow backlink , it leave it as ordinary text and will not pass any link juice . And only humans will be able to follow that link . It means you can still get traffic from nofollow links but remember google didn't give importance to nofollow but other search engines do . So its better if you make no follow links too .
Example of Nofollow backLink:
<a href=””
    Above is the type of no follow backlink . Whenever you see a no follow attribute , it means its k no follow backlink and if no follow is not present then it will a dofollow backlink .

Tip: don't create only dofollow backlinks . Create no follow links also because if your site have only dofollow links then google thinks that you create them for search engine optimization and they are not created naturally hence you will penalize by google .

How to create/build/get dofollow backlinks

    After reading , above text , you are definitely thinking of building do follow backlinks . There are many sites and blogs where we get do follow backlinks. One example of those sites are sites having comment luv plugin installed . Whenever you comment on their post you will get a do follow backlink as their you have a option to submit your website . To know such websites and forums , you can see my post on " build high pagerank dofollow  backlinks " .
.gov , .edu , .net , .com type backlinks and their value .
   The type of domain of your backlinks are also valuable . In simple way a  .net is more powerful than a .com in terms of power . Similarly .gov and .edu are the bomb and have much more power than .com .net .org etc .


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Don’t buy or sell backlinks

There are many websites offering do follow backlinks at cheaper rates . Please stay away from them because they will destroy your reputation in eyes of Google bots . And there are many users who complaint that they get back links from garbage means no use and no quality  . This will only destroy your PageRank .

Conclusion :

  1. Both do follow and no follow backlinks are helpful . Get a healthy mixture of both.
  2. Don't by backlinks as they are waste and against Google's policy .
  3. Give do-follow backlinks to only whom you trust otherwise use nofollow attribute.
  4. Get links from natural way by use of guest posting , forum and blog commenting etc.
  5. Get backlinks from high quality  domains likes .edu .com .gov .net .org
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