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7 ways to get quality traffic from USA and Canada

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Creating a blog just takes few minutes but when it comes to traffic it takes a lot of time and hard work .
When peoples get traffic from search engines ,
they know how happy they are because they really know that they are not writing for aliens but for peoples . Many people are trying to get traffic from google but unable to get even a single visitor And others are getting a lot of google visitors but only few of them are from USA and Canada , and Brazil . Today , earning online is not a difficult task , every other person over the internet creates a blog and monetize it with google adsense . Some of them are getting a huge amount of organic search traffic from google but still earning very small amount of revenue . The reason is that countries like USA , Canada , Brazil , Australia , Singapore etc are developed countries and advertisers in these countries are paying a huge amount of money to google . So whenever a person from these countries clicks on ads on our webpage we get revenue share 2 to 5 times more from clicks coming from other countries . So, every blogger wants to get traffic from these countries , in order to earn more revenue share .
A common problem among bloggers is that they don't know how to get traffic from USA , Canada ,  Brazil and other developed countries . So, I decide to write about getting high quality traffic from USA and Canada .
Enjoy reading and earn more revenue share .

7 ways to get huge amount of quality traffic from USA and Canada

1: interact with us and Canada based blogs/websites having same niche .

In order to get traffic from USA and Canada , you have to interact with other bloggers having same niche from USA and Canada . Go to USA/Canada blogs and start discussions , comment your thoughts , leave a backlink there and apply for guest post . This tricks are 100% working and usefull for getting traffic from USA and Canada .
Always get connected with bloggers from these countries if you want a rapid growth in your earnings .

2: submit your blog/website to US and Canada based web directories

   Submit your blog/website to us and Canada directory . Many peoples uses directories to get relevant contents for their needs . You can search google for US  and Canada directories . All you need is good ranking with good contents in order to get approved from them .

3: share your blog/website to groups of USA and Canada .

     This trick is for getting direct traffic from USA and Canada . This trick is country based . All you have to do is to join communities of USA and Canada . I personally use Facebook groups and have over 150 groups of USA and Canada . Whenever I need traffic from Canada and USA I simply share my blog's link to all USA based groups and you can't believe I got 200% visits from Facebook groups .

4: use Google's Webmaster Tool

    Google's webmaster tools have a option to set geographic targeting option . It means you can target your visitors from your choice of country . In this option I select option USA , so , that I can get traffic from USA . You can also signup for bing's webmaster tool and set up USA as your target visitors .

5: create Backlinks on USA and Canada's websites/blogs

    Find websites and blogs of your niche . Then find blogs / sites having comment luv plugin installed . After doing this research , open a post and read that post thoroughly , after reading , do a valuable comment there . Comment luv blogs/websites have option to share websites in comments , so that you can get do follow backlinks from them .

6: do a keyword research

   Keyword research is key to success to bloggers . All you have to do is searching high quality keywords that have high searches daily in USA and Canada . In this way your blog also get visible in USA and Canada , so you will definitely get traffic from them .

7: pay for advertisement

   If you are unable to get traffic from above tricks or you want to increase your traffic more and more , then , you should apply for advertisement like buysellads.com , Facebook ads, and google adwords . These websites charge you for visitors and you have option to set country specified visitors .
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  1. Nice post.
    Please can you give me list of top US and Canada Group on facebook and US and Canada Blogs to get backlinks



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