Tuesday, 15 September 2015

7 tricks to Increase Facebook page likes


   Increasing Facebook page's like is easy if you apply Facebook promote page option . But what , if you can't afford paid Facebook likes, In that case you can get your free likes easily

Just by implementing my own ways of getting Facebook page's likes . Here I will give you 5 affective ways of getting Facebook page likes . This 7 tricks can help you in increasing your likes , free of cost . How cool is this right ? Yes , it is .

7 ways of increasing Facebook page's likes free of cost

  1: Increase Facebook Likes by adding like box to your blog or website.

7 tricks to Increase Facebook page likesThe Like Box is specially design by Facebook for Facebook pages . It allows the Facebook admins to promote their Facebook pages at their websites . With this like box you can allow your website visitors to like your Facebook page directly from your website.  To get like box for your website or blog you can visit Facebook developer site . There you will get html code of like box for your site . This like box is highly customizable all you need is to set appropriate option while designing your box . This is great way of capturing visitors in your blog in a fairly inoffensive way . This will help you in getting real Facebook likes and returning visitors to your websites . So , next time when you create a post on your blog , you can get visitors from your Facebook pages .

2: Creating a event for likes

   There are lot of auto liker's websites . This auto liker's websites contains some fake and some real accounts . We can use these websites to get Facebook page likes . But remember Facebook is against auto likers. Sometime Facebook will close your accounts or your Facebook page . So , the question is how we can use this method of auto likers without getting ban from Facebook ? The answer is little tricky . We have to create a event named " invite 100 friends and get 1000 likes on Facebook profile photos " . And the script for this event is given below .
1)Invite 100 Friends .
2)You Must like Our Fan Page
3) your page's link
4)We Will Post Auto-Liker Link On Our Page everyday .
5)You Can Get Upto 1000 Likes Form our page
6)Only People's Who Liked Our Page Will Get likes
7)Who Liked Our Page Get Notifaction So U Wont Miss Auto-Liker
8)So Like Our Page TO Get Auto-liker #your page's link .
So, whenever a person invite 100 friends to your page , some of them will come to your Facebook page and few of them will see event's details they will find that its mandatory to like your page to get 1000 profile picture likes . In this way people will invite friends and friends will like your page. I got 5000 likes in a single day with this trick.
Tip: to make this event run faster , simply post url of that person who invite more than 100 friends to auto likers websites . So , every person who follow your event will get 1000 fake likes and will surely tell their friends about your events .
This trick is not shared by anyone before me.

3: Invite your friends

  To get initial likes , ask your friends to like your page. So whenever you post something to your page your friends will like and their friends will see your page in their news feeds . So, they also like your page.

4: Ask others to share your posts

   a better way of getting organic likes is by asking others to share your posts ,, so that other will see your post and then give your page a like .
You can ask your friends to share your event , so that your post become viral and your page get maximum likes .

5 : Comments

    Join other big pages on Facebook similar to your page . Then comment your page link on their pages , so whenever a person see your link will definitely like your page . 

6: Join groups named s4s

    In Facebook page world s4s is a term refers for Facebook share for share means sharing each others page. . So , after joining post on groups asking to share your page and in return you will share their pages . This is most effective way of getting real and active Facebook page's likes .

7: Facebook trains

    Facebook trains are not so popular , but few of Facebook page admins like me actually knows what's is it . In general a train is a post containing all the Facebook pages of other group members . Then each of member will share page of every  other member , increasing Facebook page's visibility and hence gain more likes .

These all are 7 working and free tricks for getting Facebook page likes .
Stay tuned for more awesome tricks


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