Friday, 16 January 2015

Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

Today , I will discuss about top 5 keyword research tools to do perfect seo in 2015. Read carefully before using any tool given below . Bookmark this list for better keyword research tips and tricks.

1.Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

   It is owned by google and launched for AdWord customers . A AdWord customers who want to publish his ads can use google AdWord tool to know volume of search terms and their competition. This help them in planning their bids and keywords . However this tool can be used by others without paying anything to google .

Benefits of google keyword planner :

¤ keyword search : you can get keyword's total monthly search volume and competition and set your keywords accordingly to this .
keyword planner¤ keyword suggestions : after searching for a keyword you can get similar keywords , so you can add those keywords in your blog or website and can easily increase your search traffic.
¤ long tail keywords: long tail keywords get lowest search volume but also have low competition , so you can get low competition long tail keywords and gain high search traffic because of less competition.
¤ cpc : if you are a adsense publisher then this tool is for you , because you can check cost per click for your given keywords. This help you in gaining high cpc than ever.

2. Keyword Tool: FREE Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

You can get maximum of 750+ Google Keyword Suggestions For your keywords . This tool is free till now . It is also reliable , average 99.99% uptime . This tool is based on google advance word suggestion. When we start typing in google search bar then google show related search term below your keywords. This concept is used by and is currently on 2nd position . You can start doing keyword research just like google keyword planner to do perfect white hat seo. This tool is also benefited for ppc customers because this tool shows relevant information about international keywords.

3. Keyword Research Tools from Wordtracker

This tool is not available for free but for paid users this tool is awesome . You can use this tool for 3 to 4 times in a day sometimes only for 1 time in 1 day as free trial from this company . When I use this tool it gives level of competition , monthly search volume and keyword suggestions which was close to accurate .

4. Bing - Keyword Research Tool

Bing is second largest search engine in word ,so bing optimization is also necessary if you want organic search traffic. Bing provide its keyword research tool to everybody for free . The benefit of this tool is that all the data shown is organic data from last 6 month , so you can get correct figure about keywords search volume. Bing also provide strict filters which when enable filters the keywords that match to your search keywords , hence you will get only result you want to see .

5. Keyword spy

  Its is my favourite tool and I use it every time I publish a blog post. When I search for a keyword , it tells about monthly search volume , its competition , number of advertisers and cost per click. Along with these features it also gives keyword suggestions and relative keywords with cpc and traffic estimations. Use this tool if you want to know everything about your niche . The good feature of this tool is that its matrices are updated on daily basis.

Conclusion :

Always try to use google's keyword planner because google have average 40+% of organic search volume . And also use bing because bing is 2nd largest search engine with . If for any reason you can not use bing and google keyword planner then the free options are keyword spy add These is no need for paid keyword tools , because there are plenty of free tools are available on internet with descent features. I only add keyword tool from word tracker because it is used by most of the peoples who are doing seo on websites. If you took my suggestions , keywordspy is good for optimizing search engine like google and bing.


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