Friday, 30 January 2015

10 ways to increase website traffic for free

Every new blogger or a website owner wants to know the way of generating fast and free traffic to his site . So today iam gonna give you 10 affective ways of creating quality traffic from trusted sources . Implementing this tips will start showing better results in less than 10 days . Bookmark this site and comment here to get backlink from this website .

10 tips for faster website hit or visitors

1: get traffic from social networking sites

10 ways to increasewebsite traffic
Research shows that a good website driver 35% traffic from social networking sites . Today , every person is on social networking sites , so its important to get more targeted traffic from social sites . Sites like Facebook , twitter , instagram , google plus have huge % of active daily visitors and you can drive this traffic to your website for free . You need to share your website link and active users will come to your site if they found your link interesting , so , it is necessary to give better anchor text to drive quality traffic .
See my guide on "how to  drive traffic from social networking sites " .

2: start  Guest blogging

   Guest blogging not only help you in seo purposes but also helps you in getting more traffic than other sites . Guest blogging is a technique or you can say its a blogging trick to get targeted traffic from other website . This traffic is targeted because only interested persons will click on your link present on guest post . This type of post is helpfull in increasing pageviews and decreasing bounce rate . Guest blogging also gives you quality backlinks and the same will boost your search engine rankings . Improving search engine ranking means you will get traffic from search engines like google .

3: Build your email list .

  Email list is important equally as important to renew your domain . Day by day google is introducing new algorithms and penalties for filtering bad or low quality websites . So , before getting any google penalty you should start building your email list, so if any time google will stop giving you organic traffic your site will not stop because of email traffic . So its better to start building your email subscribers . This list gives you returning visitors and only interested peoples will come to your site .

4: creating perfect headline for your contents

  You know when I checked google webmaster tool what I found ? I found that click thorough rate is very less so I start googling about increasing ctr . In 3 websites I found a point about crafting perfect headline or title for your post . This is really important because if your headline is poor , people will not click on your link . So what to do to get better ctr ?  After analysing 50+ webmaster tools account we got that headlines with below text have high ctr rate .
1. How to
2. [List-related numbers] like 10 tips
3. Free
4. Great
5. You
6. Blog post
8.  Why
9. Tricks
10. Tips
So , for creating best headline try to include these 10 keywords in your post .

5: traffic exchange sites

If you are too busy, or unable to get traffic from organic sources and referral sites like Facebook than you should try web traffic exchange sites like , and . These 4 sites have option of getting website traffic for few points . You can get Points by visiting others website or simply buy if you have no time . You can see my post on " 5 best addmefast alternatives for social media optimization  " .

6: submit your link to social bookmarking sites 

Social bookmarking sites are still popular in driving good quality traffic to websites of all type . Also social bookmarking sites gives you quality backlinks to help you in seo purposes . In social bookmarking sites you have to bookmarking your website link and other interested peoples will open your link for getting desired information . You can see my post on " list of social bookmarking sites 2015" . These sites also helps your site in faster indexing by search engines.

7:Buying pay per click (PPC) ads

Ppc ads is known as pay per click ads . In this type of add scheme you have to pay for per visitor of your site coming from your ads. This is not generally recommended by search engines but if you have money to spend you can get descent amount of web traffic easily . Google AdWord is popular ppc company , you can signup there to get paid visitors . You can also pay to Facebook and get 1000 of visitors in very less time .

8:Post more frequently

Post more frequently doesn't mean to copy content from other sites or posting junk content . It only mean that posting atleast 1 quality content is necessary to gain good quality organic traffic otherwise your site will flag as spam site . The reason behind this logic is that if your 1 post is getting 10 organic search visit then your 10 post will surely get above 100 daily visitors .

9: blog commenting

Blog commenting is best way of getting quality and targeted traffic only if you comment on your related niche otherwise you will not get any traffic . Also commenting on related niche boost your site domain authority and PageRank . Which will surely help you in better serp . And then you will get guaranteed organic traffic .

10 : forum posting

Forums are great way of getting quality traffic . If you register on forums related to your site then you will get high quality visitors and it will also help you in increasing pageviews and decreasing bounce rate . This is also great way of promoting new websites and blogs and generating quality traffic .

Conclusion :

These are working ways of generating free traffic to your site . If this post helps you please comment below and also bookmark this blog for future reading .


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